Heracles Cdrom

Production: Heracles cdrom
Date: June 1999
Work place: home + university
Client: Studies project.
Software used: Director 7, Photoshop 5 and SoundForge 4
My tasks: I created this project during my multimedia master, during which I learnt how to built a Cdrom. The "Heracles" Cdrom is about the Greek myth. It has two parts: game and information. In the game, you are Heracles and must accomplish his legendary tasks. But to sort out the riddles that come your way, you need to refer to the illustrated documentation part, in which you learn how Heracles achieved his 12 tasks. My goal was to create an educational Cdrom that could be entertaining as well. The bottom of the interface has a multi-tabbed panel. In the action tab, you can walk, watch, speak, and grab objects. The inventory tab, like in any adventure or role playing game, allows using picked up objects. The system tab lets you load and save a game, go to the cdrom start, quit, and get help. The info tab will give you hints about the game: explanations about the myth, objects description, your current position on the map, insight into the place you're exploring, and user guide again. The buttons on the info tab lead you to the 2 screens at the bottom of this page. I'm responsible for all works in this project.